PlayWrite Gaming Tablet

The world's greatest games

With a revolutionary operating system that lets you run an endless number of games, PlayWrite gets you into the game. Bring your own games to life with the world’s most intuitive interface. Be more than a gamer. Be a player.

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As stylish as you are

Show off your personal style with the PlayWrite’s DT-2 Stylus. With a rainbow of designer colors to choose from, there’s always one to suit your mood. Life is colorful. Your tablet should be too.

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Thinnest, lightest, fastest

PlayWrite’s lightweight design is based on an innovative composite fiber material. A flexible, shatterproof, and scratchproof display makes it safe for gaming, wherever you are and wherever you go.

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The tablet goes green

PlayWrite is the world’s first 100% recyclable tablet made from 100% recyclable materials. With a unique kinetic power source, it stays on for hours with no batteries, no ungainly power cords, and no harmful byproducts.

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Optional accessories

What people are saying

"We believe the modern gamer cares deeply about green products. To be any more green, our tablet would have to be a tree."

- Paul Thelen, Founder

"Simply put, we're redefining the landscape of the tablet market. PlayWrite is a game changer."

- Jeremy Lewis, CEO

Available soon from Big Fish Games and local retailers everywhere!

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